Capturing potential values of a celebrity-endorsed brand
Star Carina Lau as the main thread connecting her private chateau with the public, her own red wine executes as a media which presents her taste of life to consumers.
cumulative exposure
Weibo exposure
store traffic
On the first stage, star’s private wine and Chateau are uncovered to audiences. By revealing the story behind Carina Lau's winery, consumers' curiosity over her life will be satisfied.

The second stage, the public can enjoy exclusive star treatment in a cheerful price. Faye Wong, Wang Feng, Carina Lau, Joe Chen, Yuan Hong and other stars are all trying out +0 red wine in private parties. Not only does it portrays stars’ private lifestyle but also unveiling the fact that indulging themselves in +0 red wine is thing in common among super stars.

The third stage, having +0 wine on the dining table is a ritual in life
Emphasizing +0 red wine gives audiences a kind of life pursuit by providing enormous examples such as red wine life aesthetics, +0 red wine fashion and Carina Lau style life stories.
Core Ideas
Main Events
Visual Optimization
Grand Flagship Store Opening Ceremony
Tmall, broadcast and other social media platforms launched live streaming on the day of store opening ceremony and it resulted in nearly 4 million+ hit rate. The outstanding achievement marks the huge success in brand promotion.

Thanks to the wide range of media coverage over the event as well as the support of Tmall’s official resources, the first round of sales volume exceeded market’s expectation. With this remarkable result, it facilitates the process of brand promotion and store exposure.

After the press conference, pop stars and celebrities like Faye Wong, Karen Mok Wang Feng, Joe Chen, Xinyi Zhang, Yuan Hong etc. shared their photos, picturing themselves drinking and enjoying +0's wines.
Arouse Heated Discussion among the Public
Carina Lau and her friends in entertainment field,like Faye Wong, Wang Feng, Joe Chen, Yuan Hong, Simon Yam and other big stars shared the moment of trying out +0 wines in their social media platform.

The bazaar, a famous fashion magazine appointed and reserved +0 wines for their offline event. It, without doubt, shows the high standard and the exquisite quality of Carina Lau’s red wine collection.
Global Origin Traceability Program
With the support of Tmall Global’s "global origin traceability program", the advantage of Tmall Global import position in the world has been strengthened by the origin documentary shooting.

"Secret stars and private Chateau" as the theme of the first stop In Italy red wine tour, countless stories about how Carina Lau was conquered by +0 wine will be portrayed.

The follow-up video has been repeatedly exposed on important official occasions, such as double 11 Tmall Global's offline Expo, the 2018 Tmall annual forum, the global liquor Festival super topic, the traceability site and other places.
Red CP - Christmas gifts special purchases for the Spring Festival
Red and green CP gift money to steal the spotlight

CP gift money in bold red and green color express the conspicuous and fashionable atmosphere. Chinese Lunar New Year Festival is colored in bright red. It is a fun and lively seasonal occasion. Through video marketing, Master recommendation, network broadcast and other red, red and green packaging will CP for the Christmas gift money / special purchases for the Spring Festival qiangjing. 
From Jun 2017 to Present
3-Stage Strategic Promotion
Unfolding Bernard Magrez's Tmall Global marketing strategies
How did Bernard Magrez become a big hit in Tmall Global?